Waking the Babysitter

Frustrated Father Takes Advantage of Babysitter

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Frustrated Father Takes Advantage of Babysitter

SCENE opens late one night as David, a middle-aged husband and father, and his wife, Maureen, are driving home in the backseat of a taxi. David was just made a partner at his company and the CEO threw a party in his honor -- but the night has been a disaster. His wife, a bored stay-at-home mom, got totally wasted and embarrassed him in front of all his co-workers. You can see the tension in his face as he tries to give the driver directions while she giggles, slurs her words, and pokes fun at him for being such a party pooper ... especially after the big bonus he just got. She even makes a clumsy pass at him ... suggesting they fuck around when they get home. Irritated, David tells her no ... not only is she inebriated but he keeps trying to call the babysitter's cell to no reply and he's worried about their son. Maureen reminds him that she already told the girl, an 18-year-old named Cindy, to spend the night in their guest room since they were going to be out so late. She's probably already in bed. David hangs up the phone and the display picture on the phone catches his eye - the picture he set for her contact info. His hand moves subtly from his lap to his groin, before he's interrupted as his wife slumps over in his lap laughing and he continues to stare at the picture on the phone with a stone-cold expression on his face.

David helps Maureen into their darkened house and up the stairs to their bedroom. He lays her down on the bed, barely conscious, before leaving to fetch her a glass of water from the bathroom. When he comes back, his wife is passed out ... still half-dressed. He stands over her, looking angry, before sighing and drinking the water himself.

David decides to check on his son before going to bed so he walks down the hall to the boy's room. He opens his door, leans in to hear the soft sound of breathing, and then slowly closes it. As he makes his way back to the master, he passes the guest room. The babysitter has left the door open, presumably so she could hear if his son woke up. He stares at it for a moment before slowly walking over and leaning in. He sees Cindy on their guest bed. The teen girl has left the blinds open and the moonlight is streaming in. She's kicked her blankets off and is lying on her stomach, her ass up, and her head buried in a pillow. Her loose-fitting nightie has slipped up and is bunched around her neck, exposing the 18-year-old's perfect backside. David stares at her, almost transfixed. He finds himself slowly stepping into her room and closing the door.

Alone in the room, David silently creeps over to the guest bed where Cindy is resting. He kneels and studies the girl ... taking in every detail. Her tiny white cotton panties are wedged up into her crack and her tits are pressed against the sheets. He cannot believe how sexy she looks. She has been his family's babysitter for years and he always thought she was cute but had never considered crossing a line. He debates about leaving before deciding to take a few photos for himself first. After all, she'll never findout. Nervously, he pulls out his phone and starts to snap photos. At a certain point, Cindy rolls over on her side and he panics, dropping under the bed. But the girl is still out ... so David slowly stands back up. He knows he should leave but he is extremely excited, so he decides to quickly masturbate. He pulls out his dick and starts stroking, while taking pictures and moving around her to get different angles. The girl shifts again, this time rolling into a position where her hair covers her face. David decides to quietly brush her hair back, so he can have a better view. He lightly moves her hair from her face, tensing up at the thought of almost making contact. Then he continues to masturbate. Cindy rolls into a ball, her legs bunched under her and her ass up in the air. David stares at the panties wedged inside her. If only he could taste that pussy. It would be enough to finish him off. He puts the phone down and decides to try and slide them off. Without touching her, he slides her panties down to her knees and then cautiously all the way off. He stuffs his face into the wet cotton and licks them feverishly, while trying to jack off. Suddenly, the innocent babysitter wakes up!

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Tommy Pistol's will power  crumbles in the presence of a sleeping teen babysitter. Losing his bonus at work wasn't Tiffany's fault, but Tommy needed something to make him feel better. Tiffany did the trick, so to speak.  I have a feeling she is about to become one of the highest paid babysitters in recorded history, and worth every penny. I'm sure Tommy would pay extra for a little anal.
2018-09-10 16:43
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I am new here and I admire your efforts to make your scenes not only highly erotic and visual, but also realistic.  This scene in itself mirrors a fantasy of mine.  It is almost as if you guys made it for me.  But I have other ideas as well.  One involves a stepfather coming home from work early, established via perhaps a cellphone conversation as he enters the house, he gets something to drink, washes up, wandering through the house as if it is empty, until he hears the faint sound of music as he passes his stepdaughter's door.  The door is ajar, and as he peers inside he finds her there naked, lying spread-eagle and masturbating with her eyes closed and her headphones on.  She is as vulnerable as can be.  He hesitates, but finds himself drawn to look at her up close, to admire every inch of her, and as he does so he becomes aroused and he begins to rub the growing bulge in his pants.  Adding to his excitement is the idea that at any second she could open her eyes and catch him, but she is so into what she is doing, he is confident that won't happen.  As she moans and gasps in excitement, he bends down and whispers back at her, and he finally opens his pants, taking out his cock and playing with it.  When she climaxes, he is so caught up in the moment that he forgets where he is, and when she opens her eyes and finds him standing there at her bedside with his cock in his hand, she freaks out and rushes to cover herself.  The stepfather comforts her and seduces her, asking her what she was thinking about when she was touching herself, telling her its OK, that all girls do it, and he plays with her and gets her to play with him, then gets her to lick and suck him and then he licks her pussy until she gets good and wet and then he fucks her.  Just once I would like to see them stick with a couple of positions and then I'd like to see the girl actually surprised by the cum, like she's never seen it before, in a handjob at the end.
2018-07-12 01:50
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It is hard to imagine that project after project, you folks at Puretaboo continue to produce high quality features that  contain compelling narratives that are an absolute thrill to watch, and that are visually stunning.  Both of the main actors have done a wonderful job of portraying lust, outrage, confusion, and pure eroticism-as filmmakers you guys have outdone yourselves!  This piece is so well conceived, and its execution is nothing short of perfection.  It is my sincere hope that we will see a continuation of this awesome film.  Thanks Puretaboo!
2018-06-29 10:25
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very good!
2018-05-27 00:30
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Perfect all across the board!
2018-05-22 19:55
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This is my favorite scene you've done. Tommy is fucking badass. Tiffany is amazing. What do you do when you get caught with your pants down. You come up with a solution. The fact that Tommy lost his bonus because of his actions clearly sent him over the edge. Tiffany knows what he wants and you can see the power struggle between both of them. She wants it over with but if the price Tommy is paying is his whole bonus, Tiffany is going to get fucked in Tommy's terms! Some say it's a long scene. I say when you're taking it out on that sexy babysitter, it's going to take a while. Think about it, Tommy's never going to fuck his babysitter again. Might as well take all of her. She gets the money and he takes Tiffany to his beautiful twisted perverse world. The story was spectacular. Wished it included anal, because Tiffany's ass is so built for it. I would love to see a sequel in which Tommy and his wife fix their relationship and they go on a grudge fuck fest that includes anal and everything he did to Tiffany in this scene!!
2018-04-17 02:57
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This comment has been deleted by its author.
I enjoyed the sex ,  the acting may be a tad over acted in this one , i just wished Reena had a sex part in this scene.
2018-03-22 11:38
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REALLY don`t need porn scenes longer than `ROOTS`. . . especially with Tommy Popgun!!
2018-03-16 12:04
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I think that this scene could be made into a feature.  Dad/babysitter, mom/babysitter, dad/mom/babysitter could be interesting.  Scene wasn't the best i have seen on the site, with this cast i had hoped for better but it was a good scene just not great.  The ball bounced over the fence instead of the usual Homerun that is the norm from Pure Taboo.
2018-03-15 18:35
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